Mindfulness Meditation Recording for You

Happy 2016!

It's the middle of January and here we are! January 2016 marks my 1-year anniversary in my new Vancouver office and I want to share my gratitude by sharing an audio recording of one of my most popular guided visualizations.  

Engaging in my own meditation practice since the early 1990’s -- with various forays into Zen and other approaches before my training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy -- I can speak first-hand to its transformational power.

In my clinical practice I draw on mindfulness techniques to work with clients to form a new relationship with their thoughts, ground themselves in their here-and-now present reality, release tension, find peace and acceptance, raise awareness of the relationship between their thoughts and feelings, learn to accept that which is beyond their control, recognize that all emotions have a purpose, sit with discomfort, develop and strengthen resilience, and more.

I am often asked by friends, students and clients to record my guided visualizations and meditations. Having resolved this year to engage even more deeply in mindfulness teachings and practices, I am pleased to share with you a recording of a visualization called “The River.”  This visualization is about acknowledging the ephemeral nature of our emotions, those that we like and dislike, and accepting that they are not always within our control.

I believe this visualization will appeal to those starting to explore meditation and more seasoned practitioners alike. As you engage, there will be times that the mind wanders and it would be unfair to expect otherwise. The key is to validate or allow all perceptions as they arise -- internal thoughts and feelings as well as external sounds, smells, etc. -- while simply paying attention to your breath.

I hope you will find The River helpful and I welcome you to share your experience. I look forward to continued sharing as we unlock the potential this new year brings.  

Wishing you a mindful 2016,

Dr. Michael Dayan, PhD RCC

The River Visualization Exercise