Filmmaking Mission

I creatively express my fascination with people’s stories by making biographical documentary films. My films show how real people have found the courage to face life’s challenges and the ways they manage to grow from their experiences. My films have been described as deeply intimate meditations on what it means to endure worthwhile struggles, to grow from experiences, and to find the creative choices that transform our difficult journeys into opportunities for healing. My films have won awards at major film festivals and screened nationally on CBC television.

My latest film, currently in post production, asks the question "how do you choose to live your life if your parents were Nazis?" The film will take viewers to the heart of this dilemma for three Nazi scion who happen to be leading figures within their local Jewish communities.

Currently in post-production with expected release in early 2015.

High Plains Doctor: Healing on the Tibetan Plateau

This film follows Dr. Isaac Harry Sobol, Chief Medical Officer of Nunavut and head of the Yushu Medical Mission, on his very unique healing journey. The film shows how Isaac's quest to heal his own depression led him to provide tremendous care to so many (67 minutes).


Premieres & Honors

Premiered in Canada on CBC Television and in the US at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Nominated for "Social Justice Award" at the (2013) Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

High Plains Doctor is a truly enthralling documentary that captures the essence of public health challenges facing indigenous people worldwide.
— James Chauvin, Canadian Public Health Association Director of Policy & World Federation of Public Health Associations President
I loved the film. It is a high flyin love letter from Tibet to the soul.
— Wavy Gravy, Co-Founder of Seva Foundation

Glimpses of Heaven

Glimpses of Heaven is a documentary film about individuals who, despite great suffering, have found deep meaning in their lives and inspire others (67 minutes).


Premieres & Honors

Premiered in Canada at the Whistler Film Festival and in the US at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Won "Best Director" at the (2007) Las Vegas International Film Festival and "Honourable Mention" at the (2008) Rhode Island International Film Festival 

speaks powerfully of the transformational processes in the forging of character and of the resilience of the human spirit.
— Larry Walker, Professor of Psychology, University of British Columbia
a story of hope - also about finding a way out of hell...
— Robert Alstead, Common Ground Magazine
will strengthen your hope in the survivability of the decent
— George Szanto, McGill University
a testament to hope and the resilience of the human spirit. Highly Recommended.
— Rebecca Howes, Independent Rising Magazine
an unsparing and poetic meditation on grief, creation, and survival - fierce and original enough to challenge, invigorate and change the way we think about trauma and the human spirit.
— Rebecca Godfrey, award-winning and best-selling author
demonstrates that the human spirit can win out over oppression and transform darkness into light.
— David S. Freeman, Professor Emeritus of Social Work, University of British Columbia