I'm a university instructor of group therapy and I regularly hold the following workshops and group therapy sessions: Wellness Workshops, Mindfulness Workshops, Parenting Workshops, and Men's Groups and Mindfulness Groups at my Vancouver and Richmond offices. Please contact me to discuss your suitability, for a registration form, and for any additional information.

*Coverage may be available through extended health benefits plans

**Pre-registration is required. Please contact me by telephone or email to pre-register.

Fatherhood: The Challenges & Gifts

A group for new fathers to discuss, educate, and explore their own inner journey into fatherhood.

The Healing Power of Mindfulness

Participants in this two-evening restorative retreat will learn mindfulness exercises to:

Enhance intuitive & creative thinking; improve concentration & stability; limit stressful auto-pilot-driven thinking; and replace stress with compassion & joy.

Managing Worry & Negative Thinking

In this introductory workshop participants will learn key principles and practice exercises to:

Investigate their automatic thought patterns; critically examine assumptions & biases; learn about negative self-talk; explore the thoughts, actions, & feelings triangle; learn cognitive change techniques; and harness one's stress for creative thinking.

Wellness Skills

In this 6-week series addressing low mood & anxiety participants learn key principles & practice exercises to: 

Relax & release stress; set realistic & attainable goals; identify & advocate their needs; manage negative thinking & worry; and develop self-empathy.