Recent Public Talks

I am frequently invited to speak at conferences, universities, and community organizations on the topics of intergenerational dynamics, parenting and fatherhood, relationship dynamics, therapeutic mindfulness, and living a meaningful and creative life. Here is a list of some of my most recent public talks: Turning the Eyeballs Outward: The Healing Power of Gemeinschaftsgefühl (delivered to the University of the Fraser Valley School of Social Work and Human Services); Introduction to a Process for Transforming Traumatic Energy into Creativity & Building Intergenerational Empathy (delivered to the University of the Fraser Valley School of Social Work and Human Services); Mindful Discovery & Empowerment (delivered to the New Dawn Stabilization Program for women in early recovery); De-stress Your Mind: Clarity for Exam Success (delivered as part of Hillel De-Stress Day at the University of British Columbia); Visual Art: Emotional Healing Trough Creativity (presented in the Scholarly Sharing initiative, University of the Fraser Valley); Teaching Adler Through Talkies: Using Film as a Psycho-Educational Tool in Individual Client Therapy (International Congress of Individual Psychology); Narrative Art Therapy: A Creative Approach to Intergenerational Trauma (Delivered at the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association Annual Conference); Healing Intergenerational Family Wounds Through Creativity (Delivered International Association for Counselling Annual Conference); Working with Nascent Fathers (Delivered at the International Association for Counselling ); Mindful Parenting: Reviewing the Core Concepts of Mindfulness and Applications to Parenting (Delivered to the Solutions Together Parenting Group at the South Vancouver Youth Centre); and Capturing Catharsis: A Filmmaker’s Journey (Delivered as a University-wide public lecture to the University of the Fraser Valley). Please contact me by email if you are interested in inviting me to present to your organization.